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oil and gas offshore platform

what is a platform? The oil and gas contained in the bowels of the earth turned out to be not only below the land but also below the seabed. To take it, of course, we need an equipment (structure) supporting with advanced technology that can survive the fierce sea waves. Offshore platforms are structures or… Read More »

How to get Salary increase

Do you want to get the high salary increase? the salary of each employee in a company is different depending on the level or pay salary grade it. in one level of PSG (Pay salary grade), there is usually a salary range from the lower limit to the upper limit. if we are at the… Read More »

my first problem as junior mechanical engineer

I still remember when I graduated from Mechanical Engineering and directly facing the real world (petrochemical – oil and gas downstream) and nervous in the face of problems in the field that demanded the requirements of a mechanical engineer in understanding a problem quickly, and sometimes need ingenuity – the able to bridge between the… Read More »