high salary for Oil and Gas worker: No pain, no gain

besides offering a high salary, there are consequences experienced by oil and gas workers

In general, most people judge the two most promising jobs with high salaries. First is to work in mining and the second is oil and gas company. Mining may be ordinary, but oil and gas company always offer a high salary. Especially if you can work in international oil company like Exxon or Chevron with a very high salary. So oil workers are fun, but on the other hand, there are many consequences that they experience. Not the usual afflictions but the very torturous and high risk.

Some may not be able to endure the consequences of oil workers. Even if the mental really weak, a day would have been resigned. Then, what the consequences are like.

Hard work

When choosing to work in oil and gas company, then it means we must be ready to squeeze sweat bone. Yes, the reason is nothing else because transporting oil from the Earth’s stomach is not as easy as what we think. Every day we will wrestle with exhausting physical work. Especially for new exploration, work must be really extra hard. Hardly any work here. Even a leader’s workload must be very high. A leader should think about analysis, costs, and responsibilities. Not to mention if anything is wrong, for example, leakage then the effect is not only personal, but the company will be prosecuted by the court.

high salary for oil and gas employee
high salary? no pain, no gain

High Job Risk, Even Death

Each job title and job function has different risks. The job of digging oil in the depths of Earth is not an easy matter. There is a great danger there. It could even be the stakes of a life. For example, there is a fire, the fire is hard to extinguish. Not to mention the toxic gases during operation. Each time the drilling will produce a gas called H2S that very poisonous and deadly, even when accidentally inhaled.

Separated from Family

Choosing a job as an oil and gas employee at offshore, it means to be ready to leave home. Even some onshore, its location is very remote and far enough from civilization. Sometimes workers will not be able to come home too often. Some positions require “rotator” work with a schedule on duty: off duty = 1: 1. For example work 1 week then holiday 1 week or work 1 month later holiday 1 month. Sometimes the workplace also does not support mobile phone signals, so communication with the family becomes disrupted. Like no family anymore.

Salary Sometimes Not Too Big

It is true that working at the oil and gas Company will get a high salary. But, it depends on the position we take.  There is a level or grade. Well, each of these salary levels is different. The higher the level, the higher the salary. Of course, the duties and responsibilities are also great.

Entry requirements are very high

Working in the oil and gas company is not as easy as we think. There are many conditions that must be met before being accepted as an oil and gas worker. Some of these conditions, for example, are the level of education, then healthy physical-spiritual, and escaped from various complicated tests. Prospective workers are also sometimes required to have many supporting certificates ranging from Drilling Certificate, BST or Basic Safety Training, to HUET or Helicopter Underwater Escape Training.

This is the consequence of the employees of the oil and gas company. Although the salary is big, it is equivalent to the sacrifices they make. Not only about the risk that can kill, but also the weight of separation from family.

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