understanding basic concept of asset management software

basic of asset management software Almost all of asset management software uses a database system called RDBMS – relational database management system. People who have access to this software has a specific user profile. the highest user profile is Power User profile which can use all feature and make full data changed. To get deep understanding asset management software, the Power User must learn about RDBMS like Oracle, My SQL or SQL Server. basically, all data are saved in some excellent tables inside the server. there is data communication between these tables. here some example: let say we have asset management software for asset integrity purposes. We have 3 tables on a server: equipment table, inspection table, and employee table. A user can use “client software” to find “how many inspection jobs conducted by Messi in January 2010?” inspection record date inspector method equipment result 1001 1-Jan-10 3001 UTM 2016[…]

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