oil and gas facilities pipeline material – API 5L PSL1

what is oil and gas facilities pipeline material? PSL 1 and PSL 2 oil and gas facilities pipeline material most used is carbon steel. The API – American Petroleum Institute makes a standard named Specification for Line Pipe – API 5L. Carbon steels are widely used in the oil and gas industry despite their corrosion resistance is limited. These materials are preferred to others because of economic considerations. The API 5L pipe steel is a low carbon steel, which is used for the fabrication of transmission pipelines. in general, there are 2 PSL ( product specification level ) ie PSL 1 and PSL 2. The development of technology for high strength pipeline steel such as X-80, X-100, and X-120 through thermo-mechanical process allowed a reduction in wall thickness and sometimes an improvement in corrosion resistance. However, the API 5L pipe is still susceptible to aqueous corrosion so inhibitor addition is[…]

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