study case of machinery breakdown insurance

machinery breakdown insurance case machinery breakdown insurance cover in-service equipment against sudden and unforeseen physical damage to any types of machinery whether at work or at rest and during cleaning, inspection, overhauling and removal to another position within the premises. The most important of machinery breakdown insurance is about exclusion.   What are the major exclusions under this policy ( machinery breakdown insurance case)? This policy does not cover losses such as : Loss of or damage to exchangeable tools, catalyst Loss or damage due to fire & allied perils, flood, collapse of building, landslide Loss or damage due to burglary, theft Loss or damage for which a contractor, supplier or repairer is responsible either by law or under contract Loss or damage caused by existing defects or faults War, Civil War and any act of Terrorism Radioactive and nuclear energy risks Wilful acts or wilful negligence Loss or damage[…]

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