Personal branding

Personal Branding

On a sunny day, inside an airplane, in a 1-hour journey.

Sir, I am currently looking for a new employee. I need an engineering graduate from a favorite college who is honest and diligent work. Now it’s rather hard to find a good and honest employee “said Eliza

Oh yes .. it fits perfectly. I have a relative who just graduated from mechanical engineering, honest and diligent person. He just got accepted work about 10 months ago in XYZ industry area. ” Tom replied.

Well, my office is also in the industrial area XYZ. If interested in working in my office, please your relatives contact me tomorrow morning on mobile phone 12345678. “Replied by Eliza.

Fine, ma’am. After I got off the plane, I will immediately tell my relatives. Thank you for the information and opportunities you provide “. Answered by Tom.


Above is a conversation between Eliza an HR Manager with Tom who works at an embassy. They both met accidentally in an airplane on a 1-hour journey. About 2 months after the meeting, Tom’s relatives have become new employees in Eliza’s office. Tom who has experience in the negotiations managed to offer his relatives who he knew well long ago. His relative is famous since childhood as a diligent, smart and honest person.

Personal Branding. Everyone is known for a different brand. Some have a positive brand, but some have a negative brand. The better our brand, then the chances of getting a new job offer will be higher. Most people will find it convenient to provide referrals to prospective workers who have a nice personal brand. Actually, every day we make branding on ourselves. Whether we want to make a positive or negative brand, it all depends on us. Which one will you choose?

a deal can happen in just 1 hour.

personal branding


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