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quotes of mechanical engineering, the four engineering branches

According to wikipedia, engineering is considered to consist of the four major branches of chemical engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering. Some people think that the Mechanical engineering community is the broadest and oldest community around these 4 branches. This community mostly deals with engineering mathematics, physics, and materials science or material engineering to design, analyze, manufacture, and maintain mechanical systems.

When you just graduated from mechanical engineering study, what was your dream? did you have a special quote from the mechanical engineer student? My first dream was I got a job whatever the salary. At that time, I did not concern to pursue high salary.

master of mechanical engineering quotes
mechanical engineer graduation

Normally, a freshly graduated engineer pursue a job to increase his working experience and knowledge. After he worked for 3 – 5 years, he would have a set of skill to find a better job with a higher salary. A fresh graduate engineer must understand his strength and use it to get the optimum salary. In a Petrochemical company, mostly an employee with Process Engineering or Chemical Engineering background has better opportunity to get a better career than Mechanical Engineer. In a trading company, an employee having marketing skill will have a better opportunity than an employee having mechanical skill. Mechanical engineer has great opportunity to pursue career in a EPC company or in a oil and gas company.

Mechanical engineering quotes

Everyone needs some spirit, we may need a hero. Some quotes may boost your spirit. Here some quotes from Mechanical Engineer that you need during your boring day.

  • “Here is my jobs. To lift people up and bring them home safely”
  • “Make it work, make it happen and make it right. Once you create something, your name is on it”
  • “I want to prove to myself that I could do it. And I never quit on it”

my best mechanical engineer quotes:

“A mechanical engineer is the most accurate and precision people. He designs a product in detail.
Opposite of mechanical engineer, the subsurface engineer always bring a pencil on his right hand and an eraser on the left hand. He just make a design or estimation and then he erases it.”

mechanical engineer quotes from a mechanical engineering student

  • more you learn and practice, the probability of success increase
  • increase your creativity to get a better opportunity
  • 3 success factor: hard work, talent and lucky

mechanical engineer quotes from an experienced engineer

  • we cannot solve all problem, but our friends may help us to solve it

mechanical engineer quotes from a leader

  • in a higher career position, the work challenge switch from technical /mechanical problem to a strategic problem.

mechanical engineer quotes from a vice president

  • we are not manufacturing a car, but we are making money
  • sometimes we have rowed the boat with all the strength, but the wind direction is opposite to the direction of our boat


mechanical engineering best quotes
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Mechanical engineering quotes
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Mechanical engineering quotes
Mechanical engineering quotes
mechanical engineering quotes
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the best mechanical engineering quote


So, what is your best mechanical engineering quotes?

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