Opportunity for Master of Mechanical engineering

After graduated from college, we were hired by company in entry level. Soon or later, we will face 2 options in pursuing our career. We may choose technical specialist or we take structural position such as supervisor or manager. Which one is better? It depends on success criteria that we have.

Most structural position or leadership position, will have a little bit technical jobs. They will manage a team consisted a group of people with different background. They will prepare a “score card” in the beginning of year and then make sure their team achieve all “score card” by the end of year. The scorecard will be alligned with company objective.

At the other side, if we choose technical specialist career path, we need a higher education, technical training and certification or join technical forum etc to mastering technical knowledge. We may not lead a group of people. This position may not require strong leadership skill.

Unfortunately , mostly the quantity of senior technical position is lower than leadership position. There are multinational company that provide a large group of senior technical expert. This group may consist of experienced technical staff and staff with higher academic background like Master of science , master of engineering or even Ph.D students.

There are some aspect to consider before we choose technical or leadership position, such as

1.  Our passion

2. salary

3. Next career path

4. Competition

5. Company’s main business

You may add another consideration that you have like job security etc.

Some poeple may change their choise due to bussines need. It will be much better if we prepare ourself to fullfill both requirement for technical specialist or leadership position.

How we decide our choice? Which one is better? We need to ask our self, which one can make us feel more happy and excited to work everyday.




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