Young, smart and diligent… fresh graduate engineer

fresh graduate engineer

As long as I became an engineer, I was a mentor for 5 apprentices. 2 persons are already employed as engineers at an Oil and Gas Operating Company and 1 person working in an oil and gas Service Company. They got the job very easily, in a matter of months since graduating from college. They have the same characteristics. Young, smart and diligent. They have almost perfect academic score as fresh graduate engineer.

The world of work is full of competition. Only people who are ready to face the competition will succeed. Wise man say “if you fail to prepare a job, you are preparing for the job’s failure“. And sad but true, your rival is waiting for you to fail.

There are several criteria that need to be considered by students of mechanical engineering or other engineering in order to have an acceptable job opportunity when graduated from college. This criteria I got from some leaders who often do interviews.

  1. Smart.  This is the most important and basic thing. Every leader would want to have a smart member so as to contribute as much as possible. Smart employees, can solve problems or obstacles by themselves without close supervision from the leader. This intelligence is seen from the academic score.
  2. Diligent. It’s the same as hardworking. People who diligently, can provide more work output. How to see a diligent worker candidate? A student who can finish college within 4 years, but he has other additional results. For example, he joined competitions in car car design, participate in student organizations, actively participate in activities on campus etc. During the interview process, try to explain that you are a diligent person. You have the same time, but you give more results.
  3. cooperation and leadership. The average graduate of mechanical engineering, will play a role to coordinate the work. Your skills to work with others will be the key to success. Even some engineers will be leaders. For example, when you are accepted as a small-scale Project Manager. Here you should be able to lead everyone involved in the project.


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