Mechanical Engineer creates value from Risk Based Inspection

how to get a vlue from risk based inspection ? A wise man said “if you buy a product from a manufacturer at $100 and sell it again to customer at $120, it is traditional trader. You need more than that. Successful man is selling a product at $120 even there is not manufacturer available yet.”

In previous articles, we learned about processing data to provide lower inspection cost. In simple way, we can classify that activities into 3 block diagram: input, process and output.

Risk Based Inspection
Risk Based Inspection

IPO diagram : Input – Process – Output

  1. Input  : last inspection record, equipment data, Risk Based Inspection-RBI study, inspection cost
  2. Process  : inspection planning using simple tool i.e. excel spreadsheet
  3. Output : inspection schedule, inspection budget and the most important is “lower inspection cost by 50%”
  4. Customer : his supervisor, Inspection Manager

It just an example of Mechanical engineer job in oil and gas industry. For average mechanical engineer, he only think about inspection schedule & inspection budget for normal process. Yes, it was satisfy his leader. But, for successful Mechanical Engineer, he will think alternate process to create more value to the company. In this example, the value is lower inspection cost by 50%. By doing this, he already exceed customer satisfaction.

Risk Based Inspection
Risk Based Inspection

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