Competition for Facility Engineer

Facility Engineer (FE) is job family for a large group of engineer handling surface equipment in Oil and Gas Industry. In this group, we have some job titles that self explanatory such as FE-Mechanical, FE-Process, FE-Asset Integrity, FE-Reliability, FE-Project , FE-Corrosion etc. If you hold a bachelor degree of mechanical engineering, you have good opportunity to apply these roles. FE-Corrosion for example, they will monitor corrosion occurred in all facilities and then propose some solution programs to control it. The program is called effective if the cost for controlling corrosion is much cheaper than damage cost and cost of production loss when we do not make some program. The candidate of FE-Corrosion mostly come from Mechanical engineering, Process Engineer or Material engineering background. FE-Project candidate mostly came from Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering , Civil Engineering and Process engineering background. To win the competition in this role, you need additional soft[…]

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