GIS for Mechanical Engineer and Pipeline Engineer (2)

Most Mechanical Engineer understand how to use Auto CAD or Microstation to create pipeline layout and isometric drawing. In this drawing we can find pipeline length, pipeline material, pipeline thickness etc. But it is difficult to see all information ( in GIS we call it as attribut) of all pipeline and visualize pipeline based on its attribut.


In microsoft excel, we can make list of pipeline and add some information (attribut) about the pipeline. We can use feature “find” and “filter” the list to short the pipeline to get what we need. But, we unable to see the pipeline drawing and unable to see pipeline location whether near public building or crossibg main river.


GIS can give solution to Mechanical Engineer or Pipeline Engineer to get advantages of microsoft excel and Auto Cad drawing.  In GIS we can see pipeline attribut, find the pipeline location, visualize pipeline and do a lot of database activities. Even we can get quantity of building near to pipeline. It is easy to make “pipeline class location” by using this GIS.


We can make an oil spill simulation by using a software that run on GIS. So we can predict how far the pipeline accident impact, how much building impacted and how much water in the river contaminated by oil spill.

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